Chem-free System for drinking water

Function of each Film



PP Fiber Filter (5 micorn)

Using American FDA approved 5 micron Filtration film. It can effectively remove the coarser deposite in the water to keep the standard turbidity of water.

Double Layer Folded Filter (5 micron & a micron doule Layer folded filter)

Using National SGS and American FDA approved 5 micron & 1 micron mesh. It can effectively remove fine silt, sludge and other suspended matter in the water.

Ion Exchange Resin Filter

Using ion exchange resin made by mitsubishi or Dupont. It can remove Na and Mg molecule and overall hardness of water to keep water soft.

Activated Carbon Filter (8×30 mesh)

Using National SGS approved coconut shell activated carbon, it can effectively remove chlorine bleach,chemicals and heavy metals harmful to the human body.


Unicorn System Introduction of Film form