Filtration Applications
◆Papermarking industry
◆Dyeing and finishing industry
◆Chemical engineering industry
◆Power plants
◆Water treatment
◆Metal processing(metallurgy)
◆Paints and coating industry
◆Others:electroplating industry,steel industry,pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry,printing ink industry,oil
industry,oil-refining industry, mining industry,auto industry,food processing and beverage industry, agricultural
irrigation,seawater desalination etc.

◆Manufacture of standard filtration equipment
◆R&D and manufacture of customized filtration equipment
◆Processional consultation and solutions
◆Education/training for agents
◆Complete post-delivery service
We have excellent manufacturing quality and technical capacity to provide customers with total solutions.We will aggressively
expand our worldwide distribution channels for internationalization. Therefore,we are pleased to invite worldwide enterprises in
different fields to be our agents in order to conquer the global market.