We believe the etiology of premature-aging pathogenesis in human cells likely involves inattention or underappreciation of the public to water (composing 70% of the human body), which is the largest factor in disease affecting human tissue and organs.

Saint Aqueous Overview
With dozens of rare elements, minerals, precious stones, and combined with a selection of Chinese herbal plants, organic fruits, vegetables, and flower formulations, in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine yin and yang principles, relying on precision energy instrument integration and alignment, to permit removal of hazardous and toxic substances, according to their mass-energy compatibility characteristics, and the available responsive storage capacity, made from special high-temperature calcination, through bioceramics; with a bio-energy emission capacity of 12 to 13 orders of magnitude, so that as water molecules undergo quantum resonance effects, and change molecular structure, they activate bioactive field states as nano-molecular water, and as a result of their activation may help biocellular activity, promoting the transformative ability of physiological mechanisms, which is called Saint Aqueous.

Saint Aqueous Uses
1. With steady state small molecular structures maintaining the movement and vibration of the water molecules, so that the water molecules permanently activate a variety of biomass of small molecules of water, and optimal for osmosis.

2. Weakly alkaline, as the raw water of the macromolecular group, based on the ammonia base composition valence, which is generally acidic, while small molecules of water formed with specific state resonance, enjoy acidic factors which cannot aggregate, appearing alkaline, and conducive to functionality in acidic bodies.

3. With the micro-magnetic field force, and quantum resonance from the hydroxide water, electron transfer speed acceleration, with electrons strengthened hydroxide activation mechanism through "redox" activity,the Saint Aqueous features odor clearing, antibacterial,and antifungal functionalities. It provides an antioxidant effect on in vivo organism free radicals. (High-energy state bio-oxygen remains unchanged after heat treatment, regardless of the number of times heated)

4. With good conductivity and heat transfer, relying on the water hydroxide potential, so that the capacity element has a separate sub-state, and a variety of ionized minerals, which may help the organism metabolic absorption mechanism.

5. With the same half-width 80 Hz biomass fluctuations in frequency of organism cells, facilitating neuroimmunobiocommunication functions across organic somatic resonance, and effective activation of cells, restoring the function of organ mechanisms.

6. With the activated biowater passivation of heavy metals and being free from harmful substances, through the energy-state oxidation reduction processes, permits soaking in the Saint Aqueous for fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and all kinds of food, to enjoy antioixidant effects against residues of pesticides, heavy metals, hormones, or any hazardous and toxic substances; and at the same time helping restore the physical properties, and activated vitamin activity, to facilitate activation of in aqua vivo oxidation restorative mechanisms.

7. Saint Aqueous has small molecule water structure, and a special high-energy internal state dissolved oxygen capacity, and internal special gas field forces, with a variety of features, which are unaffected by the length of storage, high or low processing temperatures, or any changes in environmental factors, maintaining throughout this special energy status. (after opening the canisters, they will be useful for three or more years)

8. Saint Aqueous uses, are not subject to any limitations or restrictions, as their special energy dispositions are carefully selected, ensuring only positive energy sharing, suitable for long-term and large volume drinking uses, helpful to enhancing facilitating natural biological processes to restore health.

Saint Aqueous Applications

Home Health

Nature’s solution to promote bio-metabolism, and effectively remove toxins, while rapidly improving prospects for physical revitalization.

Balneotherapy Spatherapy

Improving all your soups and cuisine’s tastiness, while inhibiting bacterial degradation of food bio-energy.

Food and Beverage Preparation

Improving all your soups and cuisine’s tastiness, while inhibiting bacterial degradation of food bio-energy.

Agricultural Irrigation

Enhancing agriculture and gardening efficacy, preventing disease and pest infestations, assuring optimal performance in pollution-free cultivation.


Enhancing aquaculture production efficacy, while helping avoid diseases.

Food Processing

Effectively eliminating toxic pesticides and heavy metal residues,
while enhancing the palate’s appreciation and improving freshness.

Drinking Water

Effectively eliminating toxic pesticides and heavy metal residues,
while enhancing the flavor and improving freshness.